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It’s a brand new year, and 2021 has brought us plenty of changes. While we’re only three months into 2021, America has already undergone several historic transformations. There’s a new administration in the White House, Americans are reckoning with the past, and COVID-19 rates are dropping across the country. As the country transitions into a new era, and we come to terms with the effects of 2020, the team at Harper Social Media has also made several administrative changes. In addition to restructuring our plans and offerings (if you haven’t seen the recent changes to our services, click here) we’re also hosting a new segment called "Meet the Team!" where we introduce the hardworking men and women of HSM to our clients. Indira, our intern who's been with the company for four months, is an expert at social media marketing while Rachel, our lead copywriter, enjoys crafting long-form articles. If you’d like to learn more about these two accomplished women, keep reading!



Indira is a Marketing major currently enrolled at Howard University with a background in social media and digital marketing. In May of 2021, she’ll receive her BA in Marketing and use her qualifications to help small businesses expand and perfect their brands. As a graduating senior, Indira looks forward to helping companies form a unique image through social media and digital marketing. Indira also enjoys using her many talents to help clients create an outstanding marketing plan. Indira has always enjoyed the process of branding and learning how to aid those looking to form an online presence for themselves or their company.


Rachel is a Lead Copywriter with an MA in Creative Writing. She graduated in 2019 from West Chester University and has been managing businesses’ online presence ever since! Rachel enjoys a challenge and loves working with a wide variety of businesses. To date, she’s worked with authors, musicians, dispensaries, and more! While she has a background in social media, she also enjoys flexing her creative writing skills by penning long-form articles. Her greatest strengths are her dedication to helping businesses form an online identity and reach new customers. In her free time, Rachel enjoys teaching children how to write and penning articles for non-profit organizations.

Welcome to the team, ladies! We are glad to have you on board and excited for what the new year will bring.

If you want to learn more about Rachel and Indira, you can view their biographies (and the rest of the teams’) on Harper Social Media’s about page.

Want to learn more about what Harper Social Media offers? Click here, and don’t forget to browse our portfolio!

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