A consistent social media presence has become an expectation for brands rather than an exception to the rule. Once you decide it's time to automate your social marketing, Harper Social Media will collaborate with you to create an effective social media strategy that will increase your brand awareness, create a community around your brand, engage, and grow your audience.

Most importantly, our social media management packages provide you with the time you need to focus on your business and not worry about creating digital content daily.

By creating visually stunning graphics, marketable captions, monthly content calendars specific to your industry, daily audience engagement, and inbox management, we come together to keep your brand relevant and active on social media.

Even better, we also handle paid advertising. We can turn any post into a paid ad, or create an entire social media marketing campaign around your event. You set the budget, and we'll create the graphics, captions, target your audience, and submit your ad to publish. Ready, Set, Done!

Take a look at our management packages below and contact us to schedule your free 20-minute consultation to discuss how our services can meet your business needs. 



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