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Welcome to my social media graphic design and content creation store, Harper Social Media!

I'm so excited to finally launch the store after several months of doing this as a "super" side hustle. I'm not going to go into my background, but you can read all about me and my "why" here. This is more of a, "Ayyyye, I'm here, let's work!" 

Unlike all of my other endeavors where I followed the "plan then do," model,  this is the only business in which I "did, then planned." In the past, I had the time to create my stores and make them perfect (in my eyes) before launching...this certainly was not the case this time around! While designing Harper Social Media I've been blessed to have a full que of clients ready to go! So I've spread myself a little thin in my role as mommy, mentor, designer for clients by day and designing my own business by night and into the wee hours of the morning. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

I added this blog to the store as a way to talk to all of you. To casually discuss design updates, new things I'm working on, address potential and current client questions, and for random topics that pop up. I also want to be as informative as possible, whenever possible. 

On a side note, one of the themes you'll notice throughout many of my designs is the inclusion of people of color. Let me be clear, I enjoy designing for any and all clients who so carefully select me to complete their designs. This is a constant and will never change. However, I go out of my way to seek out stock photography studios owned by people of color. I carefully select images of people of color. I seek out other designers who create beautiful illustrations of people of color. I create content that portrays the essence and beauty of people of color. There's much to be celebrated, and I strive to show this through design. 

I hope you enjoy the site and find projects that fit your needs. If you have a project you need created but don't see it offered here, please use the Contact Us page to describe your project and we can give you a quote.

I look forward to collaborating with you soon! 


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