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Twitter Header

Introduce your business to the world with a Twitter Header designed by Harper Social Media! With over 330 million users, and 145 million daily active users...you want to stand out!

Sized especially for Twitter, we can create your Twitter Header image that matches your company's vibe and grabs potential and current followers as soon as they click on your page. We can add your photos, premium stock images, your logo, and business information...whatever you desire. All headers are designed in Canva, some aspects may be designed in Photoshop. 

  • Delivery Time: 4-5 days (Delivery time is when initial concepts are delivered to you via email).
  • Two (2) designs concepts included 
  • Two (2) revisions included
  • Additional concepts and revisions can be purchased as add-ons

After checkout you MUST complete and submit the Project Requirements form (found on our main menu) before your project can begin. 

Twitter Header
Twitter Header

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