Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees have discovered first-hand that working from home is possible for most of the corporate world. Thanks to modern tech like computers, Slack, and Zoom, it's easier than ever to keep your workplace connected. 

As the world shifts into the post-pandemic stage, more and more employers are opting to have their employees work from home because it saves on costs and helps keep people safe. 

When it comes to working from home, you either love it or you hate it. Sure it's nice to be home and not have a stressful commute, however, it's now become a lot easier to burn yourself out. Regardless, working from home looks like it's here to stay. Follow along with these tips so you're ready to tackle burnout when it happens. 

Create A Dedicated Workspace

If possible, find a space in your home strictly for working. If you have a home office, great! If not, find a quiet area and keep that your work zone, free of TV, kids, and other distractions. This will help you focus and get your work done.  

If you're fully vaccinated and feel comfortable with the idea, check out local cafes or coffee shops where you could set up your laptop and work for a few hours. That way you get out of your house and away from all the in-home distractions. Plus you'll be helping a local business. 


Take A Break

This one is serious. Make sure you are taking breaks throughout your day to walk around, stretch your back, or even get a snack. You're entitled to your lunch break, so take the time to make your food and eat it outside of your workspace. It may feel more productive, but eating through your lunch break will only make your burnout worse. 

If you're stuck looking at a screen all day, take screen breaks. Meaning, when you're taking a work break, don't scroll through your phone, instead, go outside, get some sunshine, or read a book. 

Stay active

Before or after your workday, carve out time to be active. Go for a walk to help clear your head or stretch and do yoga. Staying active helps keep the blood flowing and improves your mood. Sitting in one place all day can have some negative effects on your overall health, so make sure you're getting up and moving around! 

Create A Routine And Stick With It 

When you worked in the office, you typically had a routine. Get up, get ready, grab a cup of coffee, commute to work, check emails, lunch, etc... You need to do the same thing while working from home or your days will be less productive. Those at-home chores may be nagging at you all day, but wait until one of your breaks to throw in that load of laundry or empty the dishwasher. If you stick to your schedule, you'll be able to manage your workload a lot better. 

Set Boundaries

This is the biggest one! When you worked at the office you arrived at a certain time and you left at a certain time. While working from home, you need to set boundaries on your work hours, too. If your day ends at five, then at five o' clock you close your computer and leave your workspace. Working from home has caused a lot of people to work longer hours than they should be, and it's giving them a lot more stress and anxiety. When the workday is over, call it quits for the day. Those emails will be there in the morning. 

Take Time Off

You work hard and deserve a vacation. And, a real vacation. That doesn't mean you bring your computer along with you to the hotel. That means you leave it behind and take time off to focus on yourself, your health, and the people you care about most. Don't let your employer make you feel like you can't take a vacation. You need and deserve the time off! 

Final Thoughts

Working from home has been a challenge for a lot of us but for some, it fits their lifestyle. No matter which side you fall on, it's easy enough to get burned out. Stick to these tips to help make your work from home experience a little less stressful. Put on work clothes instead of pajamas during working hours and get blue light glasses to help with all the screen time you have. Don't forget to put yourself and your health first over your job. 

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